Elisabeth Murdoch College

Koorie Education

The College has over 25 indigenous students and families. To create an inclusive evironment, we have planned in consultation with our community to establish a range of initiatives including:

  • An annual indigenous flag raising ceremony in February. The flag is raised daily.
  • A Learning Stone where students and staff can gather for reflection and/or conversation.
  • A hand-painted totem designed and erected by a former indigenous student, Alarna Pyper.
  • Close the Gap day activities in March.
  • Reconciliation Week celebration and activities in May.
  • Regular exchanges to Yarrabah in North Queensland.

We aim to raise awareness and ensure learning opportunities are provided to all our students. Your ideas and feedback are welcomed.

Key contact: Judy Curson, Assistant Principal or directly contact the regional Koori Education Support Officers who are based at Elisabeth Murdoch College.