Year 10
Year 10

Digital Design

Students refine their media production skills to integrate symbolic elements, metaphors and allegory to create media artworks that represent a story that has purpose, meaning and style. This subject allows for students to extend their desktop publishing skills using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign; creating print media such as newspapers and ephemeral promotional material. Students expand their interactive media design skills developing freeform websites with Adobe Muse, considering audience involvement with different interfaces.
In this subject, students plan, structure and design media artworks for a range of purposes that challenge expectations of certain audiences with specific use of media elements, technologies and production processes. Students scrutinise media representations of social and cultural values and beliefs. Students then experiment with ideas and narrative, manipulate media elements and genre conventions to construct media artworks whilst considering alternative viewpoints. Students examine the production and distribution of media artworks within advertising campaigns for various audiences whilst considering social, ethical and regulatory issues. Students require a laptop and USB to develop their skills in this course.


  • Design and produce an Advertising Campaign
  • Design and produce a Newspaper
  • Design and produce a Website