Year 10
Year 10
Classroom with Whiteboard

Media / Film Making

This unit introduces students to the concepts of how the media communicates with audiences. Students will develop their skills in the use of a range of film making techniques, process and technologies and learn how audiences read different media forms. Students are introduced to the importance of the correct use of media terminology and technological processes relevant to the analysis and creation of media texts – particularly film. Students will then plan and produce a short film production for a specified audience. Production techniques including; planning, filming, editing and distribution. Understanding of media audiences. Analysis of the production and story elements used in the creation of media texts – film narratives. Resources used include: Video and DSLR cameras, tripods, sound recorders, film and photographic editing capable computers and software, numerous DVDs in a range of genres, projector.


  • Film Diaries
  • Production Planning Documents
  • Media Production
  • Distribution/Advertising Poster
  • Exam

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