Year 10
Year 10
Outdoor Teaching



Our well-equipped photography department offers students an the opportunity to hone their skills in the use of a digital camera. They will use a variety of photographic media, materials and technologies drawn from a range of contexts, and prepare and present arts works to different audiences. They will develop aesthetic and critical awareness through investigation and examination of arts works from different social, historical and cultural contexts.

Year Ten photography is now based on a digital course that hopes to provide students with knowledge and skills that will properly prepare them for VCE study or simply improve their photography skills. The course uses the elements and principles of art design and theory to give students and understanding of what makes a good photo rather than just shooting pictures. Students develop skills by photographing specific subjects over a 20 week period culminating in a major Graded Assessment task that channels the work of a professional photographer and then asks students to produce their own work in that style or genre.

Students are required to learn and understand some aspects of history, Genre or styles of photography, the technical aspects and workings of a digital single lens reflex camera and elements of presentation that enhances their work. On average students are required to produce their own photographic work every two weeks using a variety of cameras and equipment from phones to compacts and digital SLR cameras and digital scanners as well as properly documented written work related to the study.

Assessment tasks

  • Visual diary containing all work and photos covered over the semester.
  • Major Gat Graded Assessment task channelling a professional photographer.
  • Exam covering all work covered over the semester.

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