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Year 10
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Industry and Enterprise


Industry and Enterprise is a VCE study. All students in year 10 undertake Unit one of this study. Industry and Enterprise investigates work and its place in work settings, industries and society. The study explores the vocational, economic, social and cultural aspects of work.  Students investigate trends and patterns in Australian workplaces and industries and significant issues affecting Australian industries. A key feature of VCE Industry and Enterprise is the structured workplace learning that students are required to undertake.

Integral to this study are work-related skills, which cover a range of skills that are seen as being important for entry-level employees to develop and for life generally. Students develop work-related skills across a range of personal, community and work settings.

Career pathways today are complex and ever changing and traditional meanings of work are no longer applicable to all careers. VCE Industry and Enterprise enables students to develop personal career goals and pathways and encourages them to develop enterprising behaviour in personal, work, social and community settings.

This study enables students to:

  • understand, develop and demonstrate work-related skills in order to participate effectively within a local and global setting
  • develop personal career goals and pathways
  • use experience from appropriate community and/or work settings to develop their own values in relation to work
  • develop individual enterprising behaviour in personal, work, social and community settings
  • consider the development of enterprise culture and its potential impact on Australian industry
  • develop an informed view about changes occurring in Australian industry and future challenges which have a direct impact on work.

Unit 1: Workplace participation

This unit prepares students for effective workplace participation. Their exploration of the importance of work-related skills is integral to this unit. Students develop work-related skills by actively exploring their individual career goals and pathways. They observe industry and employment trends and analyse current and future work options. Students build work-related skills that assist in dealing with issues affecting participants in the workplace. Students examine the diverse contexts in which work takes place in Australian society by investigating a range of work settings. They investigate job tasks and processes in work settings as well as entry level requirements associated with work in selected industries. Students research a work-related issue, and consider strategies related to the development of interpersonal skills and effective communication to deal with the selected issue. After completing the relevant occupational health and safety (OH&S) induction program, students demonstrate the practical application of their work-related skills by completing at least 35 hours of structured workplace learning. Students research work-related issues concerned with the basic rights and responsibilities of employers and employees, including OH&S requirements for specific workplaces, the role of unions in the workplace and equal employment opportunity.

Areas of Study

  • Building a Career Pathway
  • Developing work-related skills
  • Workplace effectiveness


  • Participation in work experience
  • Career Research
  • Structured Questions
  • Career  Plan
  • Workplace Issue Project

NB: Industry and Enterprise is a VCE study and will count towards a students VCE or VCAL Certificate.