Year 10
Year 10

Fit and Healthy

Year 10 Fit & Healthy is a theoretical based subject. Students look at how to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle. Students look at how to stay fit and healthy in various ways. The topics covered include Health, Fitness components, fitness testing, training principles and methods and nutrition. Over the course of the subject students will undertake laboratory type activates where they will be required to record data and discuss their findings. The Fit & Healthy weekly timetable consists of 2 theory classes and 1 practical session. The practical session support the units of work covered during theory sessions.

Some of the laboratory activities the student’s will take part in include sports coaching and the design and implementation of specific training programs as well as assessing their fitness and preparing their own weekly healthy eating plan.  The students are assessed through various laboratory activities in class and the end of semester exam. When looking at our health and fitness we consider physical, social and emotional health.


  • Laboratory activities
  • Activity participation,
  • Exam