Year 10
Year 10

Specialist PE

Specialist PE is a subject designed for students wishing to undertake VCE Physical Education in future years. Students will learn some of the basic techniques of biomechanics, energy systems and skill acquisition and apply these to their chosen activity. The course involves peer teaching and coaching as students experience a variety sports. Classes will be both activity and theory based. The sessions are broken down into two  theory sessions and one practical class each week. Practical classes are based on the theory topic at the time with basic elements of coaching and skill development.

Topics studied

  • Muscular System,
  • Skeletal System
  • Energy Systems.


  • Students are required to make a brochure or pamphlet aimed at a certain demographic designed to get them moving.
  • Students Peer Teaching work forms part of the assessment for the course. This means you will teach the class a sport of your choice within designated working groups. The lesson includes such things as warm up activity, skills and drills, minor games, game simulation, explanation of activities and use of voice and whistle. The assignment will be marked on your lesson plan and practical performance.



  • Practical Participation
  • Health and Fitness Bouchure
  • Peer Coaching and Assessment
  • Exam


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