Year 10
Year 10
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Events Management

This subject is about organising events. Students learn about the process involved in planning and organising events, whilst enhancing their computer skills. Students will learn how to prioritise and manage their time, through the organisation of both small and medium scale events, and investigate the economic forces which may affect event management.

Event Management is about learning how to run events like concerts to weddings, art shows to film nights, fundraisers to sporting events. The list is endless. If you can think of something you have attended where you have either paid money or expected to see something interesting happen then it is more than likely that event has been organised by an event manager. Even going to see a film has managers making sure the event starts on time and finishes on time and patrons have had a good time and left the venue safely and happy. It’s a job about time management and efficiency, developing organisational skills and managing staff, equipment and venues in line with all occupational health and safety requirements.

Students are required to keep accurate visual diaries about how to create and run an event and are expected to organise an event either at school or in the community that clearly demonstrates their knowledge and skills learning in Event Management. The course involves historical studies of the world’s greatest events through to the most minor of shows and understanding that Event Managers need to apply the highest order of professionalism and dedication and concentration to their work. They often work long hours and before and after dark and they are always there before the audience or crowd arrives and long after they leave. The recent Frankston Iron man is a good example of this which is now run by an ex-student of EMC and has achieved outstanding acclaim for its Event Management team from Frankston Council.


  • Keeping and producing a visual diary containing all written research and work for the semester.
  • Creating, organising and running an event at the school or in the community.
  • The “Let’s Party” Assignment (Major Graded written Assessment task.
  • The Exam covering all work from the semester.