Year 10
Year 10
Teacher Helping Student

LOTE Italian

Year 10 Italian will consolidate grammar taught in in Year 9 and introduce new grammatical points through a communicative approach. Topics include conversation in various settings, transport/places, nationalities, sports, travel and shopping. Also included will be verbs ending in ere, ire, are, pronouns, adverbs, prepositions and directions.

Cultural aspects will be extended further during this year. This will include excursions and videos. As well as improving written skills the students will also be developing basic speaking and listening skills through classroom discussions, conversations and workshops.

By the end of Year 10, it will enable students to:

• Use Italian language to communicate with others.
• Understand and appreciate the cultural contexts in which Italian is used.
• Make connections between Italian and English, and or other languages.
• Apply Italian to further study, training or leisure.
• Apply Italian to our sister school/ student exchange programme.
• Prepare students for further Italian studies.


Assessment is through topic written tests, speaking/listening tests and extended writing activities.