Year 10
Year 10

Mathematical Essentials

This one semeser subject is for students who have selected Year 10 Mathamatics for General as their Core Mathematics subject and are interested in consolidating the skills required for VCE General Mathematics and Further Mathematics. Mathematical Essentials will support students' development of skills in Mathematics for General. Students will explore and consolidate skills previously taught in mathematics which they may have had less success in, including Numbers and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry and Statistics and Probability. This subject will be based on students' interests and skills, allowing them to develop breath and depth of skills which may not have been possible in previous classes. Students will explore mathematics using both graphical and algebraic means in abstract and practical situations. Students choosing this course would be looking to enrich their future success in General Mathematics. If students plan on following onto General Mathematics and Futher Mathematics they are requried to have a TI Inspire CAS calculator. Please note this elective is not for students studying Mathematics for Methods in Year 10; Methods students should select Advanced Mathematical Development as an elective.


  • Project
  • Class work and application
  • Structured problem solving questions
  • Exam