Year 10
Year 10
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This programme is designed for students who intend to, or think they may study, VCE Physics. The unit has a strong emphasis on practical activities, collection and analysis of data and introduces students to the rigour of scientific methodology which includes report writing skills, analysis/ interpretation of data, use of formula and the linking of everyday activities to the ‘Physics’ involved.

Students begin to explore the ideas that explain the physical world at various levels. They examine some of the fundamental ideas and models used by physicists in an attempt to understand and explain the world. Students use thermodynamic principles to investigate thermal energy, they apply thermal laws to investigate energy transfer and look at human impact on the use of energy and the environment. Students make and test predictions, identify discrete and continuous variables, select relevant independent variables and recognise controlled variables.



  • Testing at the end of each area of study
  • Participation in practical activities
  • Exam