Year 10
Year 10
Kids on laptops

Design Technology

Students are introduced to the design process and look at the roles of the designer, client and end user. Students will develop a design brief and evaluation criteria, and then design and create a project which meets the given constraints. Students design and make a small cabinet and a coffee table. Both projects give students room to develop their own ideas and design concepts. Students may work in wood, metal, plastic or a mixture of materials based on each projects constraints. Students are given a choice of finishes and may incorporate various finishes in the final presentation. practical tasks.

Students will develop:

  • Practical skills in the use of machines and hand tools.
  • An understanding of the design process
  • An understanding of correct safety procedures.
  • An awareness of occupational health and safety.


  • Practical task
  • Folio which includes design and drawing tasks
  • Exam