Year 10
Year 10
Gingerbread Houses

Food Sweet Delights

Do you love chocolate, cupcakes and cookies? If you answered YES then this is the class for you. Learn how to make gorgeous cakes, biscuits like you would buy (but better), design a fashionable cupcake, making slices, cheesecakes, smoothies as well as yummy desserts. This class is about learning the practical skills to produce these treats and apply them to develop and design new products.

The class is broken into three sessions a week. One session is theory where students develop their understanding of how ingredients function in cooking, recipe terminology, food safety and hygiene. The other two sessions are hands on the kitchen where student will put the knowledge they have learnt in theory sessions into practice. Just like master chef they learn to critically evaluate the taste, texture and appearance for their finished products. Students need to bring an apron and container to all practical session.

As on master chef they develop skills to critically evaluate the sensory properties of food including, taste, texture, appearance and aroma.


They also develop:

  • Thinking Skills
  • Communucatiions Skills


  • Research Project-- special occasion cup cake

  • Practical and Short Answer Tests e.g. chocolate, icing types, decorating

  • Production Activities – student self-assessment and teacher assessment based on the taste texture and appearance

  • Exam

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