Year 10
Year 10
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Mechanical Systems

This course is designed to enable students to gain a better understanding of vehicles and mechanical systems. Students will be given the opportunity to develop safe working skills and sound work practices. The course will cover workshop safety, identification and use of tools and equipment, basic diagnosis of vehicle components, minor vehicle servicing, minor tuning and panel repairs.


The subject is split into 80% practical and 20% theory Work.


The work carried out is all associated with cars and they complete panel repair tasks, engine tuning on a car engine and a range of car maintenance tasks. Some tasks are completed in one – to two sessions and other are ongoing (take two weeks of work to complete the unit

Assessment is in the form of how they complete their practical work and skills associated with this. The skills in researching the development of vehicles and the knowledge gained through the practical and theory work tasks


Assessment Tasks

  • Investigating of the design and purpose of cars in our society
  • Satisfactory completion of a range of practical work units
  • Evaluation of the design and wear of mechanical components