Year 10
Year 10
Bright Classroom

Textiles and Clothing Design

Textiles and Clothing Design is dynamic, ever-changing and inspires artistic passion. Students will be introduced to inspiring ideas for project based work such as garments, toys, bags, surf board covers and many more. The focus is on the Design Process which includes designing, producing and evaluating process and encourages students to focus on skills and develop their own project requirements in consultation with the teacher.

Class time will be spent designing, producing and evaluating products. It is very important to understand the difference between designing, producing and evaluating, as each stage is necessary to ensure a quality product is produced. Designing is the first stage in the Design Process where you will need to visualise the item you are going to make by sketching and colour drawings. Producing relates to the construction of your product where you will experiment with sewing techniques and develop skills to construct a product to a high standard. Evaluation is essential throughout the designing and producing stages to ensure you have made a high quality product and to consider possible improvements for next time. Students will be required to purchase their own fabrics for their products which is unique to their individual products requirements.

Students will develop

· Knowledge and understanding of the properties and performance of fabrics

· Knowledge and understanding of and skills in designing for a range of occasions

· Skills in creative documentation, communication and presentation of design ideas

· Skills in the selection and creative use of fabrics, equipment and techniques to produce quality products

· Knowledge and skills to evaluate in the design and construction stages of quality products


  • Practical tasks
  • Folio
  • Research project
  • Exam