Year 11
Year 11


Unit 1:  Indonesian speaking communities and the changing world.

The study of language helps improve your overall communication skills, develop cross-cultural understanding, cognitive development, literacy skills and general knowledge. Studying Bahasa Indonesia promotes a deeper understanding of the culture and communities where Bahasa Indonesia is spoken, as well as gaining an understanding of different attitudes and values within the wider Australian community and beyond.
This unit will focus on the varying customs and traditions present in Indonesia. The students will be expected to establish and maintain a spoken or written exchange related to personal areas of experience, and produce a personal response to a text.


  • Customs and traditions
  • Social issues

Unit 2: Travelling in Indonesia, life in the villages and cities.

In this unit, students will focus on travel in Indonesia. Students will investigate the differences in the gaya hidup (lifestyle) between villages and cities, along with the differences in opportunity between social classes.
On completion of this unit, the students will be able to give expression to real or imaginary experience in spoken or written form, and write or perform a personal or imaginative piece.


  • Differences in lifestyle between the villages and cities
  • Cultural differences amongst the varying communities.