Year 12
Year 12
Outdoor Teaching

VCE Outdoor and Environment Studies Units 3 & 4

What is Outdoor and Environment Studies?

Outdoor and Environment Studies is a study of the relationship humans have with the outdoor environment.  Students will experience recreational activities in outdoor settings that have characteristics of natural environments and evidence of human intervention.  The experiences provide the basis of comparison and opportunities to develop knowledge and skills in classroom and practical settings.

The course aims to:

  • Provide the skills and knowledge necessary to safely participate in activities in outdoor environments so that the environment is respected and appreciated by the participants.
  • Develop student’s awareness of outdoor environments including effects of human impact, the need for conservation, and different relationships humans have with their environment
  • Encourage cooperation, responsibility, organisation and initiative in students.

Although we endeavour to minimise costs, students choosing this subject must be prepared to pay a substantial fee.  Students electing to do Units 1 and 2 will need to pay approximately $300 per unit.  Students doing Units 3 and 4 will need to pay approximately $300 per unit.  It should be noted that most costs incurred in this subject are covered by this fee.

For their money students receive expert instruction, equipment hire, bus travel and accommodation.The school also provides tents, sleeping mats, sleeping bags (if necessary), billies, tranjiars, gas stoves etc.

We believe the costs in doing Outdoor and Environmental Studies are far outweighed by the experiences and exposure to the outdoors that our students achieve.  This course offers activities that most students would otherwise never have the opportunity to take part in at a cost well below what they would have to pay outside of school.


Relationships with Outdoor Environments

This unit considers the ecological, historical and social contexts of relationships between humans and outdoor environments in Australia.  It examines the impact of those relationships on the outdoor environment.

Main Activities

  • Swimming program
  • Two day surf camp at Phillip Island
  • Scuba diving introduction Rosebud Pool/ Scuba Dive at Portsea pier
  • Caving experience at Laubertouche caves


The Future of Natural Environments

This unit focuses on the conservation and use of the natural environment.  It acknowledges the maintenance of natural environments and examines the capacity of the natural environment to support the future needs of the worlds human population.  It emphasises the need to develop a balance between human experiential requirements and the conservation of natural environments.

Main Activities

  • Excursion to Phillip Island for SAC
  • Two day snowboarding camp at Mt. Buller
  • White water rafting