Elisabeth Murdoch College


Our College is totally committed to the safety, health and wellbeing of all staff. This is a new section of the website and is currently under development.

Using a whole school approach, we aim to collaborate with, and build the knowledge and skills of, the school staff to strengthen our responses to students' needs and foster a positive College community. The Wellbeing Team coordinates and facilitates regular professional learning opportunities for teaching and non teaching staff.

In addition, we have an demonstrated our ongoing commitment to occupational health and safety by adopting safe work practices and investing in staff psychological health and wellbeing.


Leadership Development Program: A number of programs have been delivered to the leaders:

  • SAFEMinds Champions Training
  • Headspace - understanding suicide
  • Understanding data

Curriculum Day: 150 staff recently particpated in a successful wellbeing focussed curriculum day which included:

  • A seminar on Positive Education
  • An introductory session on SAFEMinds delievred by the trhe DET regional Student Support Services Team
  • An advanced session on understanding and applying SAFEMinds for the leadership group and other trained staff. 

Staff Forums:

  1. Child Safe Standards - 17th October
  2. Self Care and Mindfulness - 25th October
  3. Positive Education - 8th  November

The College is implementing the MindMatters framework which involves consultation and meaningful engagement with staff. MindMatters promotes inclusive school practices and the quality of school staff-parents-student realtionships.  

Members of the Wellbeing Team further support staff to address student wellbeing concerns by working directly in sub school offices. This initiative strengthens communication and provides the opportunity to discuss referrals and consult on classroom strategies for student management.


In 2016, we ran our inaugural Wellbeing Week. This involved workshops/sessions on:

  • Positve Education activities
  • Mindfulness
  • Physical activity including yoga, walking groups, personal training
  • Therapeutic massages
  • Healthy eating and nutrition
  • Art therapy
  • Health checks


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