Gnurad-Gundidj Campus for Student Leadership

Our experience from term 2 at Gnurad-Gundidj Campus for Student Leadership had been more exciting than we had anticipated. We had made many new friends to share the experience with, we had tried new things we would never have pushed ourselves to do. Over the term we had gone hiking and camping for 3 days, we had gone surfing, taught younger students from other schools, tree surfing, and many more new experiences. We had hiked the Great Ocean Road for two days and Budj-Bim national park trails for three days, we had done 15km for the Great Ocean Road hike and 35km for Budj-Bim national park trails, all the while we had our friends to support us through the hard times, as there were many challenges.

Living in such close quarters for the two months had meant that we had been there for each other in all hours of the day and night, there had been many long nights but all worth it. If we had a disagreement, we had to resolve it sooner rather than later as we still had to live together. We each had roommates which we bonded with the most, they were like our close family, but everyone at the school had been our family. There was always someone to talk to about anything and always someone to have fun with. Although we missed our family, these people that were once strangers are now another family to us.

Overall, we had made friends to take with us back home, we had tried new experiences, some we liked some we didn’t but we most of all we had learnt how to become a better leader in ourselves. Going to Gnurad-Gundidj had been one of the best experiences for us.

These are some of the photos of our expedition group Moyjil, the group we had done all our activities with.

Article by Year 9 Leader:  Monique Oosthuizen.