Elisabeth Murdoch College

Message from the Principal

24 May 2019

Elisabeth Murdoch College is a vibrant community that has built a strong reputation around its high expectations for student learning and achievement, making sure that every student is able to access their chosen pathway to success.

As a teaching organisation we continue to build our capacity to meet the learning needs of each and every child. This work is underpinned by the strong relationships that we foster with students and parents, ensuring the learning partnerships are productive and respectful. We expect our students to be respectful of themselves, others and our environment. We care about developing each of our students as a whole person and instil the College values:

Pride - Success and high expectations, always asking for their best
Relationships - Prosocial behaviours creating a caring and safe environment, where students are happy, healthy and resilient
Learning for Life - All students are literate and numerate for the 21st century
Community - Students demonstrate leadership and citizenship

We have engaged the College community and enhanced their understanding of positive psychology. This work has led to the development and implementation of THRIVE - Langwarrin Positive Education Network. Working closely with our feeder primary schools to build student wellbeing, connectedness, belonging and a seamless transition program.

We have strategically planned to improve our college and adapt to the changing needs of the community and the students at our college through significant investment in:

• Improving teacher practice using student learning data and feedback
• Enhancing our learning environments
• Building partnerships within and beyond the local community
• Diversifying the curriculum offerings year 7 through to year 12
• Implementation of a range of specialist programs including - Leaders in Sport, Performing Arts andMurdoch Program
• An exemplary extra-curricular program including international tours, year level camps, excursions,sports, music and musicals

Dean King
Principal - Elisabeth Murdoch College