Elisabeth Murdoch College

Message from the Principal

24 May 2019

At Elisabeth Murdoch College we aim to be an inclusive environment that supports our community to realise their potential. We are focussed on creating curious and resilient learners who excel in a connected and global community. Central to our work is improving student learning and ensuring the social and wellbeing outcomes for our students.

Our College is focused on retaining students at school with the successful completion of a Year 12 Certificate, through the development of a culture of high expectations for learning and participation in post compulsory education.  By increasing participation rates in education we are equipping students with the skills necessary to be successful in life, and enable them to have a more productive career.

We aspire to be known as a school of academic excellence, orderly learning environments, inclusiveness and the outstanding opportunities it provides its students.

Elisabeth Murdoch College teaches a broad and rigorous academic program that allows students to build skills and knowledge in all areas of the curriculum. Our senior pathways programs offer diversity and reflect the value we place on student aspiration and passion. Teachers will engage students in a curriculum that challenges their thinking and promotes high expectations for all learners. Above all we focus our efforts on teaching our students to manage their own learning, and master the skills for lifelong engagement in learning.

The College offers four specialists programs that allow students to dive deep into their passion areas. These programs are specifically tailored to groups of like- minded students and each has a high expectation for academic achievement and engagement in the College Community.

  • Aspirant Leaders Program
  • Performing Arts -Collective Program
  • Leaders in Sport Program
  • Murdoch Program

The school is a leader in the development and implementation of proactive programs in the areas of positive psychology, character strengths, building a growth mindset and trauma informed practice to build resilience and academic stamina in all students. We have also been recognised for our work in relation to:

  • Koorie Education
  • Programs for student with disabilities
  • Student and Staff wellbeing
  • Student Leadership
  • Sports
  • Extra curricula programs

We recognise that the partnership between home and school plays an important role in every child’s learning. By building relationships with the parents and carers of our students, we maximise the opportunity for student engagement and success. We strive to develop an alignment and understanding of our values and purpose with our entire community.

At Elisabeth Murdoch College we value:

  • Respect
  • Empowerment
  • Aspiration
  • Courage
  • Honesty

Our community has high expectations of the College and the highest of aspirations for their children. We support high aspirations through strong partnerships with Universities such as Monash University, Deakin University and Corporate agencies, to provide our students with unique opportunities for learning beyond the classroom. We expect all of our students to complete Year 12 and transition in further learning, such as university, apprenticeship, traineeships and training.

Thank you for taking the time to find out about our great school. I would encourage you to contact the school if you require more information, or attend one of our school tours of Information Evenings.