Elisabeth Murdoch College

Enrolment Information

Enquiry Process

Thank you for your interest in Elisabeth Murdoch College.

Choosing and moving School is a major decision for any family at any time. At Elisabeth Murdoch College we hope to make the transition an enjoyable and positive experience.

To apply for Elisabeth Murdoch College, we ask that you complete the below form which will be directed to our Enrolments leader at the College. We welcome all enrolment enquires; however, we cannot guarantee positions for students who reside outside of our current residential zone.

If your child is currently attending Primary School and you are interested in Elisabeth Murdoch College for Year 7, please visit our Transition page via this link: https://www.emc.vic.edu.au/elisabeth-murdoch-college-enrolments/transition.html  Year 6 to 7 enrolments are handled by the current PS NOT Elisabeth Murdoch College.

Enrolment Application Form

Please go the following link to begin your application - https://forms.office.com/r/xqU3eGh8RY

The form is hosted by Microsoft Forms, all information submitted via the form is sent directly to the Elisabeth Murdoch College enrolments officer and is kept secure & confidential.