Elisabeth Murdoch College

2020 Booklists

Booklists for 2021 will be uploaded and available to order online at the end of Term 3 2020.

Booklists for 2020 may now be ordered online from the Campion website. Please click the link below to get started.

Order Online Here: https://order.campion.com.au/index.html#resourceListListView?code=9DEB9498


2020 EMC Booklist - Year 7
2020 EMC Booklist - Year 8

2020 EMC Booklist - Year 9
2020 EMC Booklist - Year 10 & VCE

Stationary Lists:

2020 EMC Stationary List - Year 7
2020 EMC Stationary List - Year 8

2020 EMC Stationary List - Year 9
2020 EMC Stationary List - Year 10

All book lists need to be completed online, booklists will not be accepted through the front office.

Books must be ordered by Friday 25th October 2019 for Years 8-12.

Book pick up dates and times are as follows:

Year 8-12 Tuesday 12th November 11:00am to 7:00pm

All Year levels will be collected from Lloyd Park.

Please Note:
* No cash will be accepted for book pickup on the day.

* All books that have not been collected will be returned to Campion.