Elisabeth Murdoch College

Frequently Asked Questions

How strict is the uniform policy?

The College Council has endorsed a strict uniform policy and all students and families must follow it while travelling to and from school as well as at school. The details of the policy are on this website and in the Student Planner.  In extreme cases, with a very good reason, a note from a parent/guardian may warrant a uniform pass however,  parents are encouraged to plan ahead and support the College to enforce this policy so students are always well-presented and proud ambassadors of EMC. Hoodies are not to be worn under any circumstances.

What is the discipline policy?

If a student breaches the code of conduct, the incident is reported on the Student Management Tool (SMT) which is an online record keeping system. The Home Group Teacher follows up as soon as possible and if the matter is of a more serious nature, sub-school leaders and/or an Assistant Principal may become involved. Allegations are investigated and Student Support Group meetings may be conducted in line with the Student Engagement Guidelines and College policy.

Is there much bullying? How is it handled?

EMC does not tolerate any form of bullying. We encourage students to report any incidence to their HGT and it is acted upon immediately. After investigating the situation, depending on the severity and frequency, these steps are followed:

  • Discussion with students and teachers - the victim, witnesses, the bully
  • Parents may be contacted
  • Student Support Group meeting/s may be held with consequences issued
  • "No-contact notices'' may be put into place for varying time periods
  • Referral to the Student Wellbeing Team to provide strategies to modify behaviour
  • Restorative sessions are held to repair the harm to the relationship
  • Further follow up occurs
  • Other action as deemed necessary ( class changes, suspension, student mentors, might be put into place).

How are students grouped together?

What is the sub school structure? There are four sub-schools and each has an Assistant Principal and a team of leaders at Middle School (Years 7-9) and Senior School (Years 10-12). This sub school structure allows the students, their families and the teachers to get to know each other well. Everyone knows who to contact and the relationships develop like a ''family''. Allinga is red, Bindana is blue, Kurunda is yellow and Myamba is green.

Factors that help determine which sub-school students are allocated include:

  • Do they have a sibling at the College? (we like to keep brothers/sisters together for the reasons outlined above)
  • Which primary school have they come from? (we get some handover information which helps)
  • Who are their friends ? Which teachers best suit that student?
  • Has the student been accepted into the High Achievers Program?

How is the school day organised?

Students are required to be at school by 8.30am and in Home Group by 8.45am. After the first bell rings, a song plays, giving students time to move to their lockers, collect all materials for sessions 1 & 2 and line up outside their room before the final bell rings.

Classes run for 72 minutes and there are a few minutes between each class allowing for movement to the next room.

What is the focus of the College?

The focus of the College is to ensure that every student experiences success. That is why our motto "Pathways to success" is an important part of everything we do.

What do we need to know about Lockers?

Do all students get a locker? Yes.

Where are they located? In Middle School, lockers are located close by the sub-school area and classrooms assigned to that sub-school. Senior students have a locker in year level areas near the Senior Centre.

At enrolment, all students are issued a locker and purchase a combination lock as part of the College fees and charges. The unique code must not be shared with other students.