Course Planning
Course Planning
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Choose Subjects

How to Choose Subjects That Suit You

When you move into the final years of formal schooling it is important to choose subjects that:

  • enable you to work from your strengths
  • challenge you to make the most of your capabilities
  • provide you with the qualification that you need to pursue you career and ambitions after school
  • you enjoy studying
  • offer a range of study that is manageable (ie think about choosing a balance between theoretical and practical subjects)
  • provide life skills
  • are your choice and not the choices of others.

Who to Talk to

The course counsellors at the college will be able to give you career advice and advice about the subjects. When you choose your subjects you will need to make sure that your choices match the ongoing career choices that you want to make.

The course counsellors will be able to help you with information related to:

  • Subjects required for entry to university
  • Subjects related to careers/occupations
  • Relevant subjects for post secondary courses at TAFE and private providers.
  • There are other people apart from the course counsellor who you can use as resources to assist you to make informed decisions. They could include:
  • Subject teachers
  • Parents
  • Friends
  • Lecturers/instructors at TAFE and universities
  • Students who are currently studying the subjects you are interested in
  • Employers or people within an industry or organisation that interests you

Check out the interactive subject based bulleyes posters on the Myfutures website: Others/Activities/Bullseye Posters.aspx