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Course Planning
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Qualification Framework

The AQF was introduced in 1995 and applies to all States and Territories. The AQF provides a comprehensive, nationally consistent framework for all qualifications in post compulsory education and training.

INSTITUTES OF TAFE, in line with the Australian Qualification Framework, offer 6 levels of vocational and further education qualifications. These are Certificates I – IV, Diploma and Advanced Diploma.

Certificate I courses;

Offer a level of knowledge and skills to prepare a person to perform a defined range of activities. This certificate replaces the previous award of the Certificate of Occupational Studies.

Certificate II courses;

Prepare a person to perform a range of varied activities in which the choice of actions required is usually clear and there is limited complexity in the range of options to be applied. This award replaces the previous award of the Certificate of Vocational Studies.

Certificate III courses;

Provide a level of knowledge and skills which would prepare a person to provide technical advice and some leadership in the resolution of specific problems.

Certificate IV courses;

Provide a person with a level of knowledge and skills as preparation for organising their own activities and to provide leadership and guidance to others. As well the individual is trained to contribute to technical solutions of a non-routine or contingency nature. This award replaces the old qualification of the advanced certificate.

Diploma (AQF) courses;

Provide training in the planning and initiation of alternative approaches to skills or knowledge across broad range of technical and/or management requirements, evaluation and coordination. This qualification replaces the old Associate Diploma courses.

Advanced Diploma (AQF) courses;

Are awarded for the completion of a course that may form the third year of a Certificate IV course. These indicate advanced skills, replacing the old Diploma course.


Bachelor Degree courses;

Include one or major studies taken at a significant depth appropriate to the level required for advancing to post-graduate study. Entry usually requires satisfactory completion of secondary schooling.

Bachelor Degree – Honours:

This is the fourth year of a Bachelor Degree. It provides further in-depth study in the major field of study taken in an undergraduate study.

Pathways between the VCE & TAFE:

If you have completed an appropriate VCE student program you may gain significant credit transfer within Certificate courses. If you have undertaken a VET program while undertaking your VCE you may have completed some certificate courses.

Pathways between TAFE & UNIVERSITY:

Credit transfer into higher education is called ARTICULATION. Many TAFE courses articulate to Degree courses with substantial credits.