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Literacy Strand

Intermediate Level year 11

At Elisabeth Murdoch College the intermediate literacy strand is covered through VCE Foundation English. This provides the opportunity for student to complete both their VCAL and VCE certificates. Refer to page 18.

The Foundation English course is designed for students who may require a more vocationally orientated approach to English. It integrates speaking, listening, reading, viewing and writing across all AREAS OF STUDY to enhance students’ knowledge about the structures and functions of written and oral language. The course allows students to improve their skills in comprehending and responding to a variety of texts, and to enhance their communication skills.

The Foundation English course is designed around the following AREAS OF STUDY

  • Area of Study 1: Essentials of English.
  • Area of Study 3: Technology and communication
  • Area of Study 4: The study of texts
  • Area of Study 5: The analysis and construction of argument