Teacher Helping Student

Personal Development Skills Strand

The students VCAL program includes two units of Personal Development Skills in year 11 and two in year 12.  Personal Development Skills includes self-esteem and personal qualities developed though valuing personal achievement and contributions for the benefit of the community or personal growth. This may involve demonstration of leadership, teamwork skills, accepting responsibility for goals achievement and reflection on knowledge and skills for decision making and problem solving. Our program is designed around student needs and interests.

The program is based on youth development and focuses on themes that aim to develop:

  • Environment awareness
  • Commitment to, and achievement of, personal goals
  • Civil and civic responsibility
  • Improved health and physical wellbeing

VCAL Personal Development Skills units have been developed to recognise learning not recognised within other qualifications that leads to development of:

  • Individual and group responsibility
  • Self-confidence and resilience
  • Values of integrity, enterprise and excellence
  • Empowerment for active citizenship

Assessment tasks may include:

  • A portfolio of accumulated evidence
  • Teacher observation and/or checklists
  • Evidence accumulated through project or program participation
  • Self-assessment inventories
  • Oral or written reports
  • Evidence of information and communications technology, including Internet usage