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Skills for Further Study

Throughout the year all Year 12 VCAL students undertake VCAL Skills for Further Study.

Skills for Further Study

The purpose of this unit is to enable students to develop knowledge and skills for further study that will prepare and assist them to pursue diverse and education and training pathways such apprenticeship training, TAFE course or high education.

The unit focuses on developing

  • Time management skills
  • Strategies for learning
  • Research skills
  • A pathway plan
  • Portfolios

Summary of learning outcomes

  • Organise personal and work priorities to ensure study/work objectives are met
  • Develop and implement strategies for learning.
  • Demonstrate an appropriate range of research skills (minimum of four) for a variety of purposes relevant to a chosen field of study.
  • Develop a pathway plan, and consider alternative pathways, for further study/training.
  • Prepare a portfolio and/or application for entrance to a higher education/training institution or employment.
  • Prepare, plan and deliver a sustained oral presentation to an appropriate audience/peers on issues, ideas or concepts relevant to future study.