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Work Related Skills Strand

The purpose of the Work Related Skills Strand is to develop employability skills, knowledge and attitudes valued within community and work environments as a preparation for employment. Employability skills are those that reflect personal attributes valued by employers. Skills in occupational health and safety and environment are considered essential work related skills. Work placement and part time work may be undertaken within this strand. The development of employability skills within this strand provides learners with a capacity to consider and choose from the range of pathways open to them.

The Work Related Skills Units are designed to:

  • Integrate learning about work skills with prior knowledge and experiences
  • Enhance the development of employability skills through work related contexts
  • Develop critical thinking skills that apply to problem solving in work contexts
  • Develop planning and work related organisational skills
  • Develop occupational health and safety awareness
  • Develop and apply transferable skills for work related contexts

Assessment tasks may include:

  • Oral or written reports and presentations
  • Folios of tasks or investigations
  • Reflective work journals
  • Self-assessment
  • Employer feedback