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CISCO Networking Academy Program



This course is an introduction into computer networks, selecting, configuring and securing the devices that sit between your computer and the computer in the next room or the website on the other side of the world. It enables students to complete a nationally recognised vocational qualification as well as contribute towards their VCE or VCAL Certificate. Classroom learning is combined with structured hands-on training with the same equipment used in the industry as well as advanced network simulation software. This course provides VCE students with training and practical skills in the design, construction and maintenance of small to medium sized computer networks delivered via the internationally recognised Cisco Networking Academy Program.

Course Code

Selected units from 21915VIC - Certificate IV in Integrated Technologies

There are four units in two programs taken over two years:

Program A

  • Build and implement a basic network
  • Configure a small to medium network for an organisation
Program B
  • Secure and monitor the performance of a small to medium network
  • Investigate and design concepts of an accessible and secure network
Upon completion, students will be prepared to undertake assessment for internationally recognised and accredited qualifications, including the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) examination. This qualification leads to enhanced employment opportunities in a range of fields including computer systems, information technology, engineering and telecommunications.


  • Venue: Elisabeth Murdoch College
  • Time: Wednesday 1.00pm – 5.00pm

Students are enrolled as CISCO Program students and have full access to the learning materials via the internet; however class attendance is still required. This program requires some mathematical abilities. Year 10 level or higher is recommended.

Structured Workplace Learning

Structured Workplace Learning is not mandated in this program, however the VCAA strongly recommend all VET students undertake some work placement. The VCAA strongly recommend a minimum of 80 hours.

Contribution to the VCE and VCAL

The VCE VET Cisco program does not offer scored assessment. A student who achieves a Units 3 and 4 sequence may be eligible for an increment towards their ATAR.

The increment is awarded by the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC). Further information can be found on the VTAC website:

Increments for a VCE VET Program Non-Scored Units 3 and 4 sequence will be calculated using 10% of the fourth study score of the primary four.

Further information on the increment process can be found on the VCAA website :

The following link is to the VET Elisabeth Murdoch College Student Information Handbook

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Successful completion of this program will result in significant credit in the Diploma of Computer Systems Engineering and Certificate III and Certificate IV in Information Technology. For further information:


  • Certificate IV in Computer Systems
  • Certificate IV in Cyber Security
  • Advanced Diploma of Networking Security
  • Diploma of Computer Systems Engineering
  • Advanced Diploma of Computer Systems Engineering

University Options

  • Bachelor of Computer Science;
  • Bachelor of Information Systems; or Bachelor of Information Technology
  • Bachelor of Information Technology Systems; or Bachelor of Information & Communication Technology