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VET in schools multiplies opportunities for students.  They enable students to complete a nationally recognised vocational qualification as well as contribute towards their VCE or VCAL Certificate. Classroom learning is combined with structured hands-on training and practice in industry.

The aims of the VET in Schools Dance programs are to:

  • Make sustained dance statements and complete dance works that show technical control and aesthetic understanding.
  • Perform a combination of technical dance activities aligned to the Australian Qualifications Framework at Level II
  • Demonstrate proficiency in at least two dance styles selected from jazz, contemporary and street

Course Code and Course Title

CUA20113 Certificate II in Dance with selected units from Certificate III CUA30113

Venue: Elisabeth Murdoch College

Times: Wednesday 1.15 – 5.15pm

Special Requirements

Students are required wear appropriate clothing for dance.

Structured Workplace Learning

The VCAA has determined that work placement is an appropriate and valuable component of all VET programs. It provides the context for:

  • enhancement of skills development
  • practical application of industry knowledge
  • assessment of units of competence, as determined by the RTO

It is often difficult to find suitable work placements for all dance students. To overcome this situation at Elisabeth Murdoch College we provide students with exposure to a work environment  through organized industry visits, for example live performances and dance companies and through involvement in performances; eg eisteddfods and school productions.

Contribution to the VCE and VCAL

On completion of the program students are eligible for four credits towards their VCE or VCAL certificate, two at units 1 and 2 level and a 3 and 4 sequence.  Students who successfully complete the year 12 Unit 3-4 sequence will be eligible for a study score which contributes directly towards their ATAR. Scored assessment is available for CUA20113 Certificate II in Dance with selected units of competency from the CUA30113 Certificate III in Dance.  Scored assessment is based on the units 3 and 4 sequence of the VCE VET Dance program.

Students wishing to receive a study score for VCE VET Dance must undertake scored assessment. This consists of three coursework tasks, worth 50% of the overall study score and a performance examination, worth 50% of the overall study score.

Further information:

Units of Competency



Unit of Competency Name

CUADAN201 Develop basic dance techniques  (core)
CUAWHS101 Follow dance safe procedures (core)
BSBWOR203 Work effectively with others (core)
CUAWHS201 Develop a basic level of physical condition for dance performance (core)
CUADAN203 Perform basic jazz dance technique  (elective)
CUADAN205 Perform basic compempory dance technique (elective)

Other electives possible electives: Please discuss this with the trainer:

  • Perform basic street dance techniques
  • Perform basic ballet techniques
  • Perform basic tap dance techniques



Unit of Competency Name

CUADAN202 Incorporate artistic expression into basic dance performances (core)
CUAPRF201 Prepare for performances (core)
CUAPRF304 Develop audition techniques (core)


Develop and apply creative arts industry knowledge (core)

Two electives from the following: Please discuss this with the trainer.

  • Increase depth of contemporary dance technique
  • Increase depth of jazz dance technique
  • Increase depth of street dance technique
  • increase depth of ballet dance technique
  • increase depth of tap dance technique

The following link is to the VET Elisabeth Murdoch College Student Information Handbook

The Student Information Handbook provides information on:

  • Complaints and Appeals
  • O H & S
  • Access to Student Records
  • Student Support Services
  • Student Safety
  • Plagiarism, collusion & cheating
  • Training and Assessment Process
  • Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and Credit Transfer
  • Equity and Privacy

Dance Get VET Video Link

See VCE and VCAL students across Victoria exploring their passion through VET, developing workplace skills and knowledge and creating flexible pathways towards future education and employment.


TAFE Pathways

  • Certificate III in Dance
  • Certificate IV in Dance and Performance
  • Certificate IV in Dance – Teaching and Management
  • Certificate IV in Dance - Classical Ballet
  • Diploma of Dance – Teaching and Management
  • Diploma of Dance - Classical Ballet and Contemporary
  • Diploma of Arts – Classical Dance
  • Diploma of Dance and Performance

University Pathways

  • Bachelor of Arts (Dance)
  • Bachelor of Creative Arts (Dance)
  • Bachelor of Arts (Music Theatre) (Dance)

General Career Pathways

  • Choreographer
  • Community Dance Worker
  • Dance Teacher
  • Dance Therapist

More information on pathways in this field can be found on: