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VET Studies

Public Safety

PUA20713 Certificate II in Public Safety (Firefighting Operations)

RTO: Magenta Safety Training Pty Ltd 22593

What is the program?
Magenta Safety Training offers a program that is run in secondary schools for students completing VCAL as part of their year 10-12 studies.
Students will enroll in 180-200 hours of training from the Public Safety Training Package. The complete program runs over two years to gain the full Certificate II qualification. One year of the course will provide a Certificate of Attainment for the Units completed.

How does the program run?

  • Trainers from MST will attend the school once a week for six months,
  • The program involves both theory and practical training sessions
  • Students will receive a workbook to complete throughout the program
  • Students will also complete competency based assessments throughout the program
  • All firefighting equipment used is supplied by MST, and is of the current standard being used by Victorian fire services
  • While the training is based around the firefighting training package, the knowledge and skills that are taught are transferable to almost any industry

About the units we cover

Year 1 - Units of competence


Unit of Competency Name

PUAFIR215 Prevent Injury
PUAEQU001B Prepare, maintain and test response equipment
PUAFIR204B Respond to Wildfire
PAUFIR208B Participate in community safety activities
PUACOM002B Provide services to clients
PUAFIR301B Undertake community safety activities
PUAOHS001C Follow defined occupational health and safety policies and procedures
PUACOM001B Communicate in the workplace


Year 2 - Units of competence


Unit of Competency Name

PUAFIR218 Respond to isolated structure fire
PUAFIR206B Check installed fire safety systems
PUAFIR204B Respond to Wildfire
HLTFA211A Provide basic emergency life support
HLTAID003 Provide first aid
PUAOHS001B Maintain safety at an incident scene
PUALAW001B Protect and preserve incident scene

Confine small workplace emergencies

PUAOPE013A Operate communications systems and equipment
PUATEA001B Work in a team


Students who successfully complete both years of the program will satisfy the requirements and obtain a Certificate II in Public Safety (Firefighting Operations).