Year 10
Year 10
Girls doing craftwork


Art encourages students to think independently and to solve visual problems. It fosters innovative thinking and investigation and the ability to progressively develop ideas and personal concepts, as well as refine skills.
If you love drawing, oil painting, printing and creating and developing new skills this is the subject for you. In this unit students develop the skills required to create artworks that reflect meaning and respond to set tasks. Practical work focused on developmental drawings, composition and the skills required to develop a finished art work. A folio reflecting a broad range of reference images is pivotal, and developing appropriate analytical skills has been the focus. Practical work has included different techniques of printmaking and may include lino printing, acetate etching, collagraph printing and mono printing. Students have been asked to comment on selected art works using basic skills and knowledge to analyse using analytical language. This elective supports students considering VCE Art, Studio Art or Visual Communication


  • Written research task
  • Portrait Painting using Oil Paints
  • Lino printing
  • Still life

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