Year 10
Year 10

Digital Arts

This subject allows students to build on their skills from year 9 Digital Animation subject and develop their imagination for the creation of their own animations. Students develop their skills in Adobe animation programs such as Adobe Animate and Premiere Pro which are used professionally in the industry. Students will begin this unit by analysing a Stop Motion Animation in order to inform their use of materials and techniques in their own animations. Students will further develop their understanding of how to advance an animation idea through their brainstorms, and storyboards to their final animated product. At the end of this unit students will have a clear understanding of many of the Adobe programs such as; Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator for the creation of their Characters, and Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Animate for their various animations in both 3D and 2D. This subject leads directly into the VCE subjects Media, Visual Art and Studio Art. Students require a laptop and USB to develop their skills in this course.


  • Analysis of Stop Motion Animation
  • 3D Stop Motion Animation
  • 2D Animation