Year 10
Year 10
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Our well-equipped photography department offers students an the opportunity to hone their skills in the use of a digital camera. They will use a variety of photographic media, materials and technologies drawn from a range of contexts, and prepare and present arts works to different audiences. They will develop aesthetic and critical awareness through investigation and examination of arts works from different social, historical and cultural contexts.

This course offers an introduction to photography and is designed to offer experiences with digital cameras and associated software. This course builds on the foundations of visual literacy in regards to content including the Art elements and principles. Various camera settings will be learned to offer greater creative and technical control. Students learn how to frame an image and explore a variety of compositional principles. Students learn manual camera functions including control of aperture, shutter speed, and lens choice. Students also learn to examine images critically through personal annotations. Digital processing techniques and applications are introduced using Adobe Photoshop including retouching and enhancing images. Students will learn the historical events and trends that gave rise to photography as an accepted art form and shape the current attitudes, aesthetics, and direction of photography. Portraiture, landscape and urban photography will be covered.  Successful completion provides a foundation for further study in advanced photography courses.


  • Self Portrait
  • Digital Composition Image
  • Research task
  • Body of work – visual and digital diary

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