Year 10
Year 10
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Visual Communications

Want to learn how to design? This is the subject where it all begins. Visual Communication Design is everywhere and influences everyone’s lives. This includes what you read and see, what is around you in all environments, and all the things you use or wear. Designers create and communicate through visual means to shape everyday life for individuals, communities and societies. Design is divided into 3 fields: Communication, Industrial and Environmental. Students will cover all 3 areas.
This unit will explore a range of creative and traditional methods and media used to communicate information and ideas visually. Students will learn the fundamentals of drawing, the design process and how to present final responses effectively using both traditional media and digital technology, in particular, The ADOBE Suite. Students will investigate the three area of visual communication: industrial design, environmental design and communication design.

Communication design:

They will design a business identity using the application of design elements and principles, which will then be applied, to carriers or promotional material. They will research promotional design strategies.

Product design:

Through observational drawing, students will develop their skills in drawing and they will learn 2D and 3D technical drawings to represent their work. They will then design a product (negotiable) for a specific audience in a response to a brief and learn to present their ideas to a client. Students will examine professional practice in their chosen industry.

Environmental design:

After investigating Australian Architecture, students will design the interior or exterior of a structure using architectural conventions and appropriate 2D and 3D drawings.

This subject leads directly into the VCE subject Visual Communication Design and can also assist in the preparation for VCE subjects Studio Art, Media and Art.


  • Communication design task
  • Industrial design task
  • Environmental design task