Year 10
Year 10
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Mathematics for General


This course incorporates a range of mathematical dimensions with a specific focus on Number, Space, Measurement, Chance and Data. Practical contexts are drawn upon wherever possible as a means of making the mathematics relevant to students with a view to developing applicable skills from selected components of the progression points. Contexts for study may include analysis of car gas conversions using linear functions and numerical techniques associated with break even points. Students may also be required to construct surveys, collect and categorise data and represent the results using numerical and graphical methods.  Appropriate use of technology is used to support and develop concepts and skills and is incorporated throughout the course. This will include: graphics calculators, spread sheets, graphing packages, dynamic geometry systems, statistical analysis systems, and computer algebra systems. Students undertaking Mathematics for General are eligible to continue studying VCAL Numeracy, VCE Foundation Mathematics or VCE General Mathematics. This subject does not have the prerequisite skills for VCE Mathematical Methods.


Mathematics for General has been developed to meet the needs of the students who intend to continue studying mathematics in Year 11. Mathematics for General provides a pathway to VCAL Numeracy or VCE General Mathematics (Further). Students will not have completed the necessary prerequisite skills to study General Mathematics (Methods) or Mathematical Methods. It must be noted that whilst students will be given the opportunity to work through all of the mathematics dimensions, not all of them will be at the ‘expected’ level.


  • Research Project
  • Class work and application
  • Structured questions
  • Use of technology