Year 10
Year 10
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Mathematics for Methods


This course incorporates a range of mathematical dimensions at an advanced level. Mathematics for Methods includes a variety of practical and theoretical applications including, but not limited to, testing sequences and functions using constant differences and ratio between consecutive terms to determine the existence of linear, quadratic and exponential functions. Students will determine solutions to sets of simultaneous equations using both graphical and algebraic means in abstract and everyday life situations. Students will be required to perform computations involving natural numbers, integers, finite decimals and surds without the aid of technology. Developing answers with convincing mathematical arguments is required.

Appropriate use of TI-nspire is used to support and develop concepts and skills which is incorporated throughout the course. The appropriate use of computer algebra system technology is used to support and develop the teaching and learning of mathematics and in related assessments. This subject is designed to prepare students for further studies in mathematics through to Year 12 in Mathematical Methods and Specialist Mathematics or combinations thereof.

Students who intend to do VCE Mathematical Methods are encouraged to choose the Year 10 elective, Advanced Mathematical Development, to support and develop their skills in mathematical thinking, problem solving and understanding of advanced mathematical term and concepts which are linked to everyday life experiences. Students are required to have a TI nspire CAS calculator for this unit.


Class work and application
Structured problem solving questions