Year 10
Year 10
Male Teacher

Law and Order

Imagine what the world would be like if there were no rules or laws. Imagine the world if there was no law enforcement. These are the areas we will be looking at, as we investigate areas of criminal and civil law through the use of news articles and films, that report on real legal cases. You will learn about the police force and your human and civil rights. You will learn about our government and whether it is doing enough to represent our community values. Is our legal system fair and does it treat everyone equally? Investigate why our laws need to change and how important this is in maintaining a safe world in which to live.

Law and Order is an introduction to year 11 Legal Studies. Students are introduced to legal terminology that will prove helpful in year 11 Legal Studies along the way.


  • Criminal and Civil Case Folio
  • Assignment on the legal system
  • Exam