Year 10
Year 10



Year 10 Psychology is ideal preparation for VCE Psychology, so come and investigate the exciting world of thoughts, feelings and behaviour. Develop a broad understanding of the reasons why we behave in particular ways, examining the influences on human behaviour. Learn how to unravel the issues influencing human behaviour by exploring how people learn and remember and theories of personality and intelligence. The structure and function of your brain and how it influences your perception of the world are also explored as well as the effect of brain damage and the emerging area of plasticity. You will also investigate mental health and mental illness as a result of internal and external factors. Through a multitude of practical experiences, and research you will enter the world of the human mind while developing investigative and communication skills.
The study of Psychology leads to opportunities in a range of careers that involve working with children, adults, families and communities in a variety of settings. These include academic and research institutions, management and human resources, and government, corporate and private enterprises.


  • Media Analysis
  • Research Investigation and Logbook
  • Tests and Exam