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Year 10
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Performing Arts Program

Elisabeth Murdoch College offers a specialised Performing Arts program for students in Year 10. Selected students will remain in the program dependent upon a satisfactory performance level, commitment and attitude. Performing Arts Pathways at EMC are available for Years 7 through to VCE.

The Performing Arts Program is a full-time integrated academic and artistic program which caters for students with a passion and talent for the Performing Arts. It offers a wide breadth of programs from the Performing Arts which include Drama, Human Movement, Music, Musical Theatre, VCE Theatre Studies or VCE Drama. Ultimately, this allows students to further develop their artistic talents while receiving their secondary education concurrently.

Performance is a key component of the program and students will have the opportunity to perform in front of a variety of audiences. Our program is designed to enrich, extend and accelerate students’ learning.

While we appreciate that students may have a particular interest or talent in a specific arts area, we believe that it is important for students in the program to participate and learn about all areas of the Performing Arts in their middle years. This will allow them to select the correct art to pursue in their senior years of study at the College.


  • To provide students with creative and engaging opportunities to support and link their academic and artistic learning.
  • To promote a culture of excellence, focusing on academic, personal and artistic development.
  • To support students to become passionate, creative and independent.
  • To acknowledge students with great potential to retain their attendance, participation and leadership across art forms.


Sample program



Peformaing Arts English

Performing Arts English

Mathematics: General or Methods

Mathematics: General or Methods

VCE Drama

VCE Drama

Performing Arts Industry and Enterprise (I&E)

Elective choice

Elective choice

Elective choice

Elective choice

Elective choice


Performing Arts Subjects

Depending on the year a student enters the program they will undertake one of the following VCE studies.

VCE Theatre Studies Units 1 & 2

Theatre Studies focuses on the interpretation of playscripts and the production of plays from the pre- modern era to the present day. Students apply stagecraft including acting, to study the nature, diversity and characteristics of theatre as an art form. Throughout the study students work with playscripts in both their written form and in performance. They learn about the times, places and cultures of key theatrical developments and develop awareness of the traditions and histories of theatre.

This knowledge is applied through use of stagecraft to collaboratively interpret playscripts in performance. Through contribution to the production of plays and performance of a monologue, students also develop knowledge and understanding of theatrical styles. This knowledge and understanding is further developed by analysis and evaluation of their own productions and productions by professional theatre practitioners.
Theatre Studies provides students with pathways to further studies in fields such as theatre production and theatre design, script writing and studies in theatre history.

VCE Drama Units 1 & 2

Unit 1: This unit focuses on creating, presenting and analysing a devised performance that includes real or imagined characters, based on personal, cultural and/or community experiences. Students examine storytelling through the creation of solo and/or ensemble devised performance/s and manipulates expressive skills in the creation and presentation of characters. They develop an understanding of how characters are portrayed in performance style/s and an awareness of how performance is shaped and given meaning. They investigate a range of stimulus material and learn about stagecraft, theatrical conventions and performance styles. Students analyse their performance and the performance of other professionals.

Unit 2: This unit focuses on the use and documentation of the processes involved in constructing a devised solo or ensemble performance. Students create, present and analyse a performance based on a person, an event, an issue, a place, an art work, a text and/or an icon from an Australian context. Students explore theatrical conventions and learn how dramatic elements are enhanced or manipulated through performance is further developed in this unit. This unit also involves analysis of a student’s own performance work as well as the performance of an Australian work. e.g. Australian writers or theatre-makers, reflect aspects of the Australian identity or twenty-first century migrant experience

School Productions

EMC has a wide range of performing opportunities for the students including school productions, senior productions, drama nights, music festivals and show choir to name a few. Year 9 Students enrolled in the program will be expected to participate in the Middle School Production and Year 10 students will involved in the Senior School Production. Students will have the opportunity to work behind the scenes on the production team or take on a performance role. All students will be expected to have a role in the Whole School Production.


Students in the program will be given an opportunity to attend and participate in numerous incursions, excursions and workshops. Students will have the opportunity to attend professional and amateur theatre productions, music recitals and attend workshops with industry professionals.

Student Selection

We encourage everyone who feels they can fulfil the selection criteria to apply. However, please note that not all applicants will be accepted.

The following criteria will be applied to all applications:

  • Highly developed artistic ability in at least one area of the Performing Arts
  • Demonstration of a positive attitude and commitment to academic study
  • Demonstration of a positive attitude and commitment to the development of skills in all three performing arts areas
  • A strong desire to pursue their passion for the arts
  • A high level of commitment and motivation in pursuit of personal success

The application process includes an audition, a reference from a current teacher and the submission of an application form accompanied by a 200 word essay (written by the student) detailing Why I would like to be part of The Performing Arts Program and details of any competitions, productions, awards, etc the student has been a part of/received.

More information regarding the program and the audition process is found in the Performing Arts Handbook which can be obtained by calling the College.

Students’ progress is reviewed at the end of the first year prior to entry into the second year.


In the students final years at EMC students can select from a range of Performing Arts subjects or other VCE/VCAL and VET subjects.

Senior Year

VCE Drama

VCE Theatre Studies

VCE Music Investigation

VET Acting (screen)

VCE Music Investigation

VET Dance

VET Musich Industry Skills