Year 10
Year 10
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Year 10 VCAL

In this program, students complete a Foundation VCAL certificate which focuses on hands-on learning and aims to develop employability skills which students will be able to apply to a range of careers. The program is designed to help students make realistic decisions, set goals and then work towards achieving them. Students are given the opportunity to continue to develop their literacy, numeracy,

Program Structure:

  • Three days at the College
  • One day in a VET program: refer to the range of programs available in the VET Studies section of this document
  • One day on work placement. Alternatively two days could incorporate a School Based Apprenticeship or Traineeship (SBAT)


The three days at the college will include:

  • VCAL Foundation Literacy
  • VCAL Foundation Numeracy
  • VCAL Foundation Personal Development Skills
  • VCAL Work Related Skills
  • An elective subject of either Art, Food technology, Sport coaching or Wood technology.


Subjects are competency based and students are assessed according to whether they have met all of the required VCAL learning outcomes. Students are assessed as being competent, or is ‘not yet competent’ for each outcome. Throughout the VCAL program, students learn about themselves as individuals and set goals for self-improvement. They develop their capacity to use initiative and self-manage, whilst also learning how to be empathetic, to recognise and respond effectively to the needs of others, and the importance of working as part of a team. All of the skills developed in the program enable students to apply themselves in a range of workplaces.


This course is a pathway into Year 11 Intermediate VCAL. More information is available from our VCAL Pathways Leader Mark Henderson.