Year 10
Year 10
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Are you interested in hospitality? Do you want to get a hands on experience with accredited recognised training? Are you ready to experience the reality of running a small business? If yes, then Café Culture is for you!

This exciting course will give you an insight into how a café works by running the EMC staff café - Lizzie’s Café. The café operates on a Tuesday and Thursday during recess and serves a range of hot and cold drinks, as well as a selection of popular café foods. Students will spend the practical sessions before the café preparing the food and setting up the café. During the café students will experience all aspects of the business including cash and food handling, customer service and of course working the coffee machine and producing the coffees themselves! Students will be expected to give up their recess time on average once every three weeks in order to work in the café.

Students will produce a range of popular café foods such as sausage rolls, muffins, cakes, scrolls, wraps, scones, quiches, slices and more. Each day we serve a minimum of one sweet and one savoury dish, and sometimes three or four! You will learn how to make the prefect cup of coffee, and how to handle food safely. We run other specials throughout the semester including fresh juices, iced coffees and chocolates.

As part of this course students will complete a safe food handling certificate, which they need to work in the café. This certificate is also required by employers in the hospitality industry.

There is one theory session a week which incorporates the business side of the café. This incorporates everything you need to know about coffee and the setup of a small business. We investigate the costs associated with running a café and learn about revenue, profit and cost of sales. We also have an opportunity to discover the secrets of good customer service. The assignment for Café Culture incorporated a theory and practical component where students will set up their own café and investigate the business aspects of doing so. Students will also be given the opportunity to produce something from their café menu as well as costing these appropriately.

Café Culture gives you the opportunity to learn in a real life experience, and gain some incredible skills that any employer in hospitality will value!

This will help with gaining employment in this area and lead into VET Hospitality and VCE Food Technology.


• Food Handlers Certificate Course
• Create Your Own Café GAT
• Production of different food and drink products

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