Year 11
Year 11
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Studio Arts

The Studio Arts course allows students to explore a range of Digital Art and Photography media. This encompasses the use of Digital SLR cameras and a broad range of digital arts techniques using software such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. In Units 1 and 2 students learn different techniques and skills in a range of software applications. In Units 3 and 4 students pursue their own art ideas and choose a specific Digital Arts form in order to create their final folio. Studio Arts has close links to the Art and Design Industry and allows students to study and understand how art galleries operate and the roles of gallery staff. The course also looks at conservation and preservation of artworks.

Unit 1: Artistic inspiration and techniques

This unit focuses on using sources of inspiration and individual ideas as the basis for developing artworks and exploring a wide range of materials and techniques as tools for communicating ideas, observations and experiences through artmaking. Students also explore and research the ways in which artists from different times and cultures have interpreted and expressed ideas, sourced inspiration and used materials and techniques in the production of artworks.

Areas of Study

  • Developing art ideas
  • Materials and techniques
  • Interpretation of art ideas and use of materials and techniques

Unit 2: Design exploration and concepts

This unit focuses on students establishing and using a design process to produce artworks. The design process includes the formulation and use of an individual approach to locating sources of inspiration, experimentation with materials and techniques, and the development of aesthetic qualities, directions and solutions prior to the production of artworks. Students also develop skills in the visual analysis of artworks. Artworks made by artists from different times and cultures are analysed to understand the artists’ ideas and how they have created aesthetic qualities and identifiable styles.

Areas of Study

  • Design Exploration
  • Ideas and styles in artworks


  • Completion of a range of Digital arts pieces
  • Presentation of “finished art works”
  • Presentation of research tasks investigating the work of Artists or Photographers
  • Students will be required to maintain a visual diary for planning and ideas


There are no set pre-requisites for this study, however, students need to be self-motivated and have ideas ready to work with and explore during class time.
It is recommended that students complete Studio Arts Units 1&2 for entry to Unit 3&4.

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Students develop a folio of digital artworks which they can present as evidence at a range of visual arts courses. Many Studio Arts students go on to study at TAFE or University, either as a hobby or a career.

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