Year 11
Year 11
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VCE Outdoor Education and Environment Studies Units 1 & 2

Unit 1: Exploring outdoor experiences

This unit examines some of the ways in which humans understand and relate to nature through experiences of outdoor environments. The focus is on individuals and their personal responses to, and experiences of, outdoor environments. Students are provided with the opportunity to explore the many ways in which nature is understood and perceived. Students develop a clear understanding of the range of motivations for interacting with outdoor environments and the factors that affect an individual’s access to outdoor experiences and relationships with outdoor environments.

Through outdoor experiences, students develop practical skills and knowledge to help them live sustainably in outdoor environments. Students understand the links between practical experiences and theoretical investigations, gaining insight into a variety of responses to, and relationships with, nature.

Unit 2: Discovering outdoor environments

This unit focuses on the characteristics of outdoor environments and different ways of understanding them, as well as the impact of humans on outdoor environments.

In this unit students study the impact of nature on humans, and the ecological, social and economic implications of the impact of humans on outdoor environments. Students develop a clear understanding of the impact of technologies and changing human lifestyles on outdoor environments.

Students examine a number of case studies of specific outdoor environments, including areas where there is evidence of human intervention. They develop the practical skills required to minimise the impact of humans on outdoor environments. Through practical experiences students are able to make comparisons between and to reflect upon outdoor environments, as well as to develop theoretical knowledge about natural environments