Year 11
Year 11
Bright Classroom

VCE Product Design & Technology (Textiles) Units 1 & 2

Unit 1: Product re-design and sustainability

On completion of this unit the student should be able to re-design a product using suitable materials with the intention of improving aspects of the products, functionality or quality, including condsideration of sustainability. The student should be able to use and evaluate materials, tools equipment and processes to make a re-designed product or prototype, and compare the finished product or prototype with the original design.


Areas of Study

  • Product re-design for improvement
  • Producing and evaluating a re-designed product


Unit 2: Collaborative designs

On completion of this unit the student should be able to design and plan a product, a product range or a group product with component parts in response to a design brief based on a common theme, both individually and within a team. The student should be able to justify, manage and use appropriate production processes to safely make a product and evaluate, individually and as a member of a team, the processes and materials used, and suitability of a product or components of a group product against the design brief.

Areas of Study


  • Designing with in a team
  • Producting and evaluating a collaboratively designed product