Year 12
Year 12
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VCE Product Design & Technology (Textiles) Units 3 & 4

Unit 3: Applying the Product Design

On completion of this Unit students should be able to explain the roles of the designer, client and/or end user/s. They will also  be able to explain the product design process and its initial stages, including investigating and defining a design problem, and explain how the design process lead to product design, development. The student should by able to eexplain and analyse influences on the design, development and manufacture of products within industrial settings. The student should be able to present a folio that documents the Product design process used while workign as a designer to meet the needs of a cleint and/or end-user, and commenece production of the designed product.

Areas of Study

  • The designer, client and/or end-user in product development
  • Product development in industry
  • Designing for others

Unit 4: Product Development and Evaluation

On completion of this Unit the student should be able to compare, analyse and evaluate similar commerical products, taking into account a range of factors and using appropriate techniques. The students should be able to safely apply a range of production skills and processes to make the product designed in Unit 3, and manage time and resources effectively and efficiently. The student shoudl be able to evaluate the outcomes of the design, planning and production activities, explain the product's features to the client and/or an end-user and outlin its care requirements.

Areas of Study

  • Product analysis and comparison
  • Product manufacture
  • Product evaluation


In VCE Product Design and Technolgy students level of achievment will be determined by School-assessed Task (SAT) School assessed coursework (SAC) and an end of year exam.

Percentage contribution to te study score in this study are as follows

  • Unit 3 School-Assessed Coursework: 12 percent
  • Unit 4 School-Assessed Coursework: 8 percent
  • School-Assessed Task 50 percent
  • End of year examination 30 percent