Elisabeth Murdoch College

Wellbeing Team


The Student Wellbeing Team at Elisabeth Murdoch College provides a professional service to students and their families which enhances the personal, social and educational development of students. The Student Wellbeing Team work to support a learning culture where all members of the College community are respected and encouraged to discover their true potential.

A school wellbeing team is often the first places many young people and families or carers turn to for help. School wellbeing teams provide a first line of response. An important role of the College's Wellbeing Team is also to identify when a student needs more specialist mental health care, and to make the appropriate referrals or ask for specialist advice or support.

Services include:

  • Short term, solutions focused counselling
  • Referrals to external agencies and community support networks
  • Targeted small group programs
  • Psychological and educational assessment
  • Secondary consultation and professional development of staff
  • Support and advice for parents and families

These services complement a range of support options and student wellbeing initiatives provided within the College to cater for individual differences and needs.  Wellbeing support at the College is voluntary and based on best practice.


Referrals to Wellbeing can be requested by students, family or staff.  A Wellbeing Referral form must be completed and signed by the home group teacher, before being submitted to the Pathways Leader of the relevant sub school.  Referrals are then discussed during weekly secondary consultation meetings between sub school teams and Wellbeing, before being allocated to a Wellbeing staff member for follow up.  This process ensures a holistic team approach to support, and encourages open and regular communication.