Specialist Programs

More information regarding our specialist programs can be found on the main page here and in our Nurturing Students Passions booklet and flyer.

Nurturing Student Passions Booklet
Nurturing Student Passions Flyer
Application Process & Important Dates

Note: Only students accepted into the College for Year 7 in 2025 will be able to apply for specialist programs. Students and families will be provided in writing from their Primary school their placement for 2025 on Wednesday 17th July 2024.

Dates and application process will be as follows (dates are subject to change):

Monday 22nd July – Sunday 3rd August

Applications open via this webpage on Monday 22nd July, 2024 at 9am and closes on Sunday 3rd August, 2024. Application form will need to be completed and the following items uploaded for the application:

1.      Grade six semester one school report.

2.      Grade 5 NAPLAN results

3.       A “Letter of Aspiration” to be written by the student (this can be written or typed, but no more than one A4 page). The letter should include:

    • Stating the name of the program/s they are interested in (number order).
    • The reason they are interested in the program.
    • The qualities and strengths the student has be successful in the program.
    • Examples of any community involvement (current or previous).
    • Their personal and academic goals for the future.

3. A letter/reference from a community group/organisation/coach/association or mentor about their commitment in their team/program.

We WILL NOT accept letters from current primary school teachers, principal, or school staff.

Thursday 15th August

Students will sit a PAT test at Elisabeth Murdoch College

Week of Monday 9th September

Students for all programs will sit an interview and complete a group activity

Term Four

Date TBA

Students / Families will find out if they were successful in their program of choice for 2025