Middle School Specialist Programs

Nurturing Students Passions

Elisabeth Murdoch College is proud to offer a diverse set of pathways to cater to every aspiration. We strive to meet the learning needs and passions of every student and create a supportive environment where everyone feels safe, connected and a sense of belonging.

Our four Middle School Specialist Programs provide an insight into our unique approach to support students to transform their interests and passions into learning and career pathways in preparation for senior school.

These programs are:

    • Leaders in Sport – sporting pathways
    • The Murdoch Program – academic excellence
    • Performing Arts Collective – performing arts
    • Aspirant Leaders – leadership development

These four specialist programs extend our regular curriculum, creating an environment where students can challenge each other, take risks and develop the behaviours and leadership skills that will support their continued learning well beyond secondary school.

Through these programs students will develop unique bonds and friendships as they support each other’s success and drive performance. Students often learn at a faster rate, engage with more challenging speciality content and demonstrate learning in authentic community-based activities.

Programs for Year 7

Only students who have been accepted into Elisabeth Murdoch College for Year 7 can apply for a position in either Leaders in Sport, The Collective, The Murdoch Program or Aspirant Leaders. Applications for the following Year 7 open around August and can be accessed on this page.

Information regarding our specialist programs can be found in our Nurturing Students Passions booklet.

Nurturing Student Passions Booklet